Motivation: A Few Tips for Getting Off Your Butt

Even the best of us fall out of our groove from time to time. I’m in that mode right now. I’ve been really busy with work these days, and that means I’m sitting on my butt all day. When I’m done with work, I have a ton of things to do around the house and errands to run. But wait, are those just excuses? Oh yeah, they sure are. Somehow I find time to watch television and research my next tattoo design (by the way, feel free to share any ideas). But, how could I possibly find time to exercise with such a busy schedule? It’s true that my routine has changed in the past few months, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t make fitness a priority. I know this to be true, but yet I still have trouble getting out of the slump I put myself into.

Even though I know I’ve allowed myself to be lazy, I also know it’s not time to beat myself up over it. That never gets anyone anywhere. It’s simply time to find a little motivation.

Here are some of my thoughts on how to motivate yourself when you’re haven’t been bit with the fitness bug.

  • Set a very specific goal. All you need is one. It could be to lose 15 pounds in three months, or it could be to fit into your skinny jeans by the end of the month. Just make sure it’s something you can evaluate and check off your list when you’ve completed it. So, for example, “I want to lose some weight” isn’t a good goal.
  • Mark it on your calendar. Once you have it in writing, you’re more likely to feel the pressure to get it done.
  • Tell someone else about your goal. By telling another human being about your goal, you are setting expectations. Now, if you fail, you’re disappointing yourself as well as that person. Wouldn’t you rather have them be proud of your accomplishment than disappointed in your lack of commitment?
  • Remind yourself of your goal every night before you go to bed. Say it out loud. “I’m going to lose 15 pounds in three months” or “I’m going to do pilates every day until I leave for Florida.”

Did that last one sound oddly specific? That’s because it’s actually my goal. And, yes, I’m going to report back to you from Florida to tell you whether I failed or succeeded. The pressure is on!


5 Responses to Motivation: A Few Tips for Getting Off Your Butt

  1. intomind says:

    great post! will help me with my new years resolutions

  2. Leah says:

    This is currently me right now. This post was so helpful, thank you for sharing. I have fallen out of my grove but I hope to get back into it soon!

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